Love the #Kardashians x #CATSonBroadway? Well here you go its the #KATDASHIANS! Get your tickets NOW!

It's the Kardashian and Cats Parody Mash-up That Will Take The Kountry By Storm


The Very Unauthorized Musical Parody of the Kardashians and Cats

Kreated By Bob and Tobly McSmith
(Full House! The Musical!, Bayside! The Musical!, Showgirls! The Musical!)

Purrrformances Begin June 16 at The Elektra Theatre       
NEW YORK, NY, June 15, 2016 -- Katdashians! Break the Musical!, the very unauthorized Off-Broadway musical parody of the Kardashians reimagined as cats, will begin purrrformances at Times Square's Elektra Theatre on June 16, 2016. 

Brought to you by the twisted pop culture-addled minds of Full House! The Musical!, Bayside! The Saved By The Bell Musical!, and Showgirls! The Musical!, the production follows a sold-out run at Theatre 80.

Katdashians! Break The Musical! features your favorite reality TV kharacters -- Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kris, Kendall, Kylie, KATye West and CATlyn -- singing and dancing their way through twelve years of the famous family's life. It's the Kardashianand cat musical parody mash-up that will take the kountry by storm. 

Katdashians! will answer all of your burning Katdashian questions: 
  • What exactly is a Kimoji?
  • Can Katye West save Kim Katdashian with the power of fashion?
  • Will Kim Katdashian EVER stop crying? God. 
  • What's the point of Kourtney Katdashian? 
  • F*ck, Marry, or Kill: Khloe Katdashian? 
  • Will Catlyn Jenner ever be accepted by the Katdashians?  
  • Kylie and Kendall? Anyone? 
  • Ok but seriously guys, what happened to Rob Katdashian? 
  • Does anyone have a DVD of Kim's sex tape? Asking for a friend.
Katdashians! Break the Musical! is brought to you Bob and Tobly McSmith, the kreators of Full House! The Musical; Bayside! The Saved by the Bell Musical and Showgirls! The Musical!, working with Bailey Nolan (BabySkinGlove) and Viva Soudan (Viva Bodyroll).

Katdashians! includes instant hit songs like "Meowmory" sung by Katlyn Jenner, "Kim M*therf*cking Katdashian", "The Selfie Song (Prelude)", "The Selfie Song", "The Selfie Song (Reprise)", "Bruce Jenner (He's a Man's Man)", "Kendall and Kylie Klapback Track", "Dash! It's a Store That We Own!" and "KATYE WEST IS GOD (OF KIM)"

Katdashians! features book, music and lyrics by Bob and Tobly McSmith. The production is directed by John Duff. Tobly McSmith is the executive producer. Bailey Nolan is the creative director. Khoreography is by Viva Soudan. Sound design is by Lauren Vargas. Assaf Gleizner is the musical director. Stage management by Cheryl Thompson. Public relations services by John Capo Public Relations. 

The kast features Carmen Mendoza as Kim Katdashian, Elliott Brooks as Khloe Katdashian, Bridget Kennedy as KourtneyKatdashian, Bailey Nolan as Kris Jenner, Peter Smith as Bruce/Catlyn Jenner, Viva Soudan as Kylie Jenner, Ariel Ash as Kendall Jenner, and Alexis Kelly and Jenyvette Vega as Dash Dolls.

Tickets ($25/$35) are available by visiting www.KatdashiansTheMusical.com. A limited number of Selfie Zone tickets ($45) are also available.

The Elektra Theatre is located at 300 West 43rd Street in New York City.

WARNING: During the performance, the taking of photography and selfies by the audience will be mandatory.

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