A short introduction for all our new readers! HI- Welcome to theprintuplist!

Hi hi hi everyone!
I am noticing a whole lot of new readers these past few days and I wanted to re introduce ThePrintupList to you all. 

ThePrintupList is a hand curated NYC event site that posts NYC events that are either FREE or RSVP with few that cost any money. 

The site was created in 2008 with the hopes to hook up my friends with getting into secret or VIP events I was always lucky enough to be invited to. I felt " man if I can get in, why cant my friends too?!"

As Native NYer, Ive been sneaking into nightclubs, going to NY Fashionweek, and getting into some of the top events in NYC way before I became 21. I quickly built up my connections and eventually started not needing to sneak in but started actually getting invited or getting on peoples lists.  I started hosting underground events, throwing my own parties and began photographing red carpet events. My friends wanted to know HOW DID I GET IN!?
Sadly this was pre- social media so the only way to share it was by creating ThePrintupList. I told them " now you no longer need to know the right people" since I WAS the right person. ha! 

Today the site is run out of love with the goal to SHARE and help promote awesome events, awesome artists and awesome people with all my readers here in NYC. I do not take money for any of the promotions or ads and never charge. Its a free service for the people by the people. The only thing I ask of my readers is that IF YOU LOVE THE PRINTUPLIST SHARE THE PRINTUPLIST. 

The more readers..the bigger and better events I get to share! Make the world know how helpful and great this site is and that is the best payment ever.

I also have an instagram @theprintuplist where I post stuff about ME and My everyday life...with the occasional IG exclusive event invite. We are also on twitter and tumblr @ThePrintuplist. 

If you have an event email theprintuplist@aol.com and Ill be happy to personally review it for post consideration. 

If you are an artist or designer and would like to have AD space, email theprintuplist@aol.com and I will send you the full details on how to make it happen.

and again if you just LOVE THIS SITE...share us.
I am always looking for bloggers to write a post on their site, or be interviewed for any kind of publication and am open to any kind of PR that can help spread ThePrintupList. Let me know if you have that kind of hook up! :)

and Thank you for all of you who have been reading and sharing already. Its awesome meeting some of you in real life and getting to know how much fun I get you IN TO. Really I love hooking you all up.

SO...start RSVP'n NOW and ill see you at the next party.


Party on,

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