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The NYLON Project was created as an initiative to aid the homeless in New York City. 
"Homelessness in NYC have hit record highs with a 115 percent increase over the past two decades and it's time for all of us to unite and try to make a change. This project may not be the solution, however, it's one step closer towards turning the world into a better place", says Jordana Guimaraes - founder of "The NYLON Project".

"It can be you... It can be me.... It can be any of us! Let's stop judging and start trying to understand each other, to see how we can turn the problem into the solution".The initial goal of this project is to give out 1,500 meals starting on December 1st, 2016 up until February 7th, 2017. "I'm excited to see where this goes. It starts with meals & awareness, however, the possibilities where this could lead are endless".

The Nylon Project will host a New York Fashion Week show filled with supporting designers and celebrities on February 7th, 2017. Musicians, who currently perform on the streets of NYC as well as subway stations, will perform at this closing event. BUT unlike any NYFW fashion show the vip guests invited will be YOU! I am looking to GIVE a few amazing GIVERS tickets to NYFW.

Here is how you can be apart of GIVING this season and in return be given something aside from just feeling super amazing!

2. Film or photo you or a friend giving food to someone who is homeless.
3. If possible, ask that person a bit about themselves. Maybe ask how they became homeless? or just ask what their story is.
4. POST your photo/video on IG. 
5. Write about the experience as part of your post including any story details obtained from the person. Make sure to mention #theNylonProject #itcanbeyou@thenylonproject @theprintuplist in your post as well.

I will be picking the person who posts the most examples of giving on Jan.30th. Basically that means the person who post the most videos of feeding the homeless from NOW till JAN 30th.
If there are many people who are really going BIG I will give out a prize to more than one winner.
This season lets think about how YOU can GIVE, because in all honesty, #itcanbeyou.
                             PRINTUP LIST READERS... MAKE ME PROUD! 

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