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This week marks the kickoff of the New York installment of the Delta Launchpad, a week-long music event running from June 8-11th and curated by VICE. The series will host daily workshops at Kinfolk 94 (94 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249) in Williamsburg with artists and music industry veterans, including Holy Ghost!, members of Awful Records, Senior VP of A&R at Nonesuch Records Kris Chen, Tanisha Scott (the choreographer for the "Hotline Bling" music video) , Kurt Uenala (aka Null + Void), and many more.

In addition, each night will feature live performances from Father and Danger Incorporated (Awful Records), Fatima al Qadiri, Holy Ghost!, and Palmbomen II LIVE

A full breakdown of the events is below. RSVP is required for each workshop and performance.  

RSVP to Delta Launchpad events here: 

Please note that space is limited, and RSVP does not guarantee a seat. Come early to claim your spot.

June 8th Workshops and Performance:

Getting Signed Workshop:
Music execs and record label insiders discuss the key moment for any musician: getting signed.
Date: 6/8, 4pm
Workshop Speakers: De'mont Callendar (Music Agent at Paradigm), Gina Tucci (VP of A&R, General Mgr of Big Beat, Atlantic Records), Kris Chen (Senior VP of A&R at Nonesuch Records), and moderator Dan Ozzi (Noisey)

The Power of Collectives Workshop:
Collectives have become today's musical incubators for creativity and support. Atlanta-based Awful Records visionaries Father and Gerry Newton will give insight into a collective's ability to completely transform an artist's career.
Date: 6/8, 5:15pm
Workshop Speakers: Father and Awful Records Executive Vice President Gerry Newton

Awful Records Performance:
Awful Records is an Atlanta-based record label and artist collective contributing to a unique sound that began in Atlanta and is making its mark internationally. Father and Danger Incorporated will take the stage for the first time in New York in over a year. 
Date: 6/8, doors 8pm

June 9th Workshops and Performance:

Shaping an Artist's Identity Workshop:
From album artwork to music videos, to choosing a record label, we talk with some key players about how an artist is able to stand out in a saturated market.
Date: 6/9, 4pm
Workshop Speakers: Mali Hunter (Chief Operations Officer/Partner at TreeSounds Studio) and Courtney Marr (Marketing Director at mTheory)

Songwriting Workshop:
Musical duo Sofi Tukker talk about their creative process for writing a song and share tips on getting music and lyrics from all different languages and cultures to paper.
Date: 6/9, 5:15pm
Workshop Speakers: Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern of Sofi Tukker

Fatima Al Qadiri & Secret Guest Performance:
Born in Senegal, raised in Kuwait, and producing music in New York and Berlin, Fatima Al Qadiri joins our super secret guest for a one-night-only performance. 
Date: 6/9, doors 8pm

June 10th Workshops and Performance:

Producing – From Voltage to Sound Workshop:
Kurt Uenala, aka Null + Void, a prolific producer and synthesizer programmer demonstrates the basic building blocks of synthetic sound and will give insight into his methods of turning blips and bloops into expressive music for the likes of Moby and Depeche Mode.
Date: 6/10, 4pm
Workshop Speaker: Kurt Uenala

DIY Studio Workshop:
Holy Ghost! takes us through the benefits of creating a DIY studio, from bedroom producing, to working on the road, to assembling a professional studio.
Date: 6/10, 5:15pm
Workshop Speakers: Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel of Holy Ghost!

Holy Ghost! Performance:
Holy Ghost! is a New York bred and based musical duo known for their synthpop sound with a heavy emphasis on modular synths.
Date: 6/10, doors 8pm

June 11th Workshops and Performance:

Choreography Workshop:
New-York-via-Toronto dancer Tanisha Scott has spent her career working with some of pop's most legendary names — Drake, Rihanna, and Sean Paul — and whose credits include the video for "Hotline Bling." In this workshop, Scott breaks down how she uses choreography to craft an artist's identity and create iconic cultural moments.
Workshop Speaker: Tanisha Scott

Scoring for Film Workshop:
Dutch producer Kai Hugo, aka Palmbomen II, hosts a workshop on applying his music production skills to the world of film through scoring and music supervision.
Date: 6/11, 5:15pm
Workshop Speaker: Kai Hugo (Palmbomen II)

Palmbomen II LIVE Performance:
Palmbomen II LIVE performs a live set followed by an electrifying DJ set.

Date: 6/11, doors 8pm

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