10/20/17- @PowerhouseArena UrbanStyles #Graffiti Book Launch w @FreddyAlva #EZEC #KRONE + mo FREE w RSVP

'Urban Styles, the debut book from author and documentarian Freddy Alva is a 350 page tribute to some of the most vibrant and gritty street culture New York has ever produced.
In his quest to document the merging of Hip-Hop culture and New York Hardcore, Alva delivers a treatise on one of the overlooked aspects of New York’s Hardcore scene of the ‘80s and ‘90s. Through a series of in-depth interviews with graffiti writers, bands, graff crews, and historians, Urban Styles examines both the sociological and artistic impact that an outlaw movement of visual art and visceral music had on a generation of disenfranchised youth. New York was a hotbed for creative assertion, and the post-apocalyptic backdrop of a city in decline was the perfect canvas for the burgeoning graffiti scene that had been influencing punk and hardcore kids the same way Hip-Hop culture was influencing the music of a handful of bands like DMIZE and Absolution.
at the Archway 28 Adams Street (Corner of Adams & Water Street @ the Archway) Brooklyn 10/21/17 

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