Its been a while...heres why.

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These past 6 months I have been doing a lot of other side projects and having super little time to update ThePrintupList. I promise starting in August to get back into the groove of posting more daily since we are about to welcome in YEAR 10 this SEPTEMBER! (WOW Can not believe its been 10 years already.) ThePrintuplist is my 1st baby and its something I plan on maintaining for as long as I have dedicated readers.

If you want to peek at some of the other projects I have been apart of take a look at my art studio page and my debut review for the novel"THERE THERE" by Tommy Orange for the literary journal TRIBES.

NYC events and sharing them with you has brought me joy these past 10 years. Im deeply sorry that I have been so distracted and not keeping you as in tune with NYC as I usually do. Stay tune AUGUST for a better more EVENTFUL PrintupList.

Happy Summer!

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