This JUST IN! @YokoOno #WishingTree ready for your wishes at @LPRNYC

Yoko Ono - Wish Tree
a new installation in the LPR main room
Yoko Ono spent this past Saturday night celebrating her 79th birthday at (Le) Poisson Rouge. It was a celebration complete with a live performance by the Plastic Ono Band, and other friends throughout the night. As a part of her birthday party Yoko Ono set up her installation called "Wish Tree" in the (Le) Poisson Rouge main room. The installation includes hundreds of live vines wrapped around the lighting grid and black pillars around the room. (Take a look at the photos below.) The installation will remain up for all LPR events through the end of the week, including Ski Beatz, the Audio Fuzz Party, and Elyisan Fields, which will be performed in the round.
The installation asks patrons to write a wish on one of the beige tags around the room and tie them to a branch. We started with quite a few tags after Yoko Ono's birthday party, but the number of wishes keeps on growing. By Friday night the room will be filled with wishes dangling from the ceiling.
For more information on the installation, photos, or quotes, please contact LPR Marketing Director Dustin Nelson at dustin@lprnyc.com. High-res photos are also available upon request.

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