Get to know K-Deez: Insider Interview by @SUPALAURA for @ThePrintupList

Get to know K-Deez: Insider Interview by @SUPALAURA for @ThePrintupList June,27th,2012
The first time I met K-Deez, we had an appointment at his hotel in NY to meet up and do a little interview. I believed I wasn't so much the target of his music, simply because I love hip hop when it's a little more hardcore , but went anyway.

The first few minutes, we were already cracking jokes, and that is good enough for me!

Chill, fresh and almost too clean, after all these stupid judgements I had in my head, I realized we had similar tastes in music and we talked like we always knew each other. When he told me his life story I was listening carefully, and realized age ain't really nothing but a number. And when he told me he never met his Dad I was speechless, but didn't show him that it saddened me a whole lot...

K-Deez came back to NY and brought me some new music, I was hooked! I can't wait for the world to hear "Rollin" and "Skinny Ni**a"! Catchy, fun and simply dope tracks that you will be able to enjoy pretty soon, when he drops his new project 10teneighty7 (10.10.87). In the meantime, you can download his previous album here! 22 Summers;
and watch the latest video off of it.

We met again recently and he took a few minutes to answer my questions and update me on his projects.

K-Deez is more confident than ever and got his eyes on the prize!
Keep up the good work K-Deez, hard work always pays off!

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