WEAR THIS TONIGHT: Night Blossom #NaturalPerfume and Handmade Solid Perfumes by @HiWildFlower

We are officially in Fall. Rooftop and pool parties, food trucks and beer kegs are days of the past. Its time to bundle up, get cozy and enjoy a good cocktail indoors. Its important to look good underneath the layers on top of layers we tend to need here in a normal NYC night outing. And if one is planning on getting a lil' sexy time or hot and sweaty on a dance floor you must never forget the key to any perfect night... your perfect scent!

Before the summer was over I was lucky enough find the enchanting all natural perfume NIGHT BLOSSOM by Hi Wildflower . Its evoking scent is strong,and smells of the spicy sweet earth in the forest after it has rained and the flowers are wet and being illuminated by moon light and I am just rolling around in the grass underneath the trees and...ehem... Get what I mean?? Its seduction in a bottle. Im in love.

This is going to be my key scent for going out this season. It still smells like summer but with enough spice to welcome Fall. Its natural and made with 100% pure essential oils making this a perfect excuse to buy and feel guilt free.

Night Blossom is a sensual, meditative and alluring combination of our favorite Indian grand flowers: Jasmine, Champaca and White Ginger Lily. These gorgeous blossoms linger with the deep, resonant base notes of Indonesian Sandalwood and Fossilized Amber from the Himalayas. In the tradition of attar making, jasmine and roses are steeped in Sandalwood to produce a stirring, grounding scent, with heady florals in its heart.

Head: Neroli / Rose Otto 
Heart: Jasmine Sambac / Jasmine Grandiflorum / White Ginger Lily / Moroccan Rose Absolute  
Base: Indian Sandalwood / Fossilized Amber Resin / Peru Balsam / Opopona
In this tradition, the wearer of Night Blossom will connect to their sensual, divine, animal and spirit nature.
Now after falling for Night Blossom, I decided to search into Hi WildFlower and see what other goodies they made. Their Perfume solids are a fantastic must have for any jetsetter or just to toss in a bag on a night out. No spill worries. The ornamented boxes was a plus, all handmade by artists in India, the bead work and mirrored accents was a true treat. A girl cant ever have enough shinny and glittery objects in her life. Its almost as intoxicating as the scent that it contains. 
Perfume solids are a lovely, private scent experience. Each gorgeous bead and mirror artisanal boxes is handmade by artisans in Rajasthan, India. You'll get 30g of solid perfume, composed of organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil , sweet almond oil and natural botanical fragrance. The boxes are made in the traditional Indian "lac" ware tradition, the boxes are constructed using a glue that is made from the resinous secretion of the lac insect. What I love about these particular beaded boxes is that the simplicity of the style - bead, mirror, metal - which s quickly being lost to glitter and rhinestone accents. Soon, these simple boxes will be a thing of the past! 
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