@theprintuplist readers #nationalfragranceday exclusive! Check out @WilliamsandMurray all natural perfume and get 50% off your order!

 Williams and Murray is a small New York luxury perfume company whose name is inspired by Williamsburg x Murray Hill. Like the name their signature scent 415 is a perfect mix of Rugged spicy Brooklyn and soft floral Upper East Side. Think hipster meets preppy. Their bottle background pattern is actually the negative space of the W&M together which I find to be so cool and pretty at the same time. The scent is soft, not too strong and perfect for spring weather. It smells like a mature all natural version of CKone, if that makes it appealing to you, my 16 year old self is loving it because it gives me high school flash backs of spritzing perfume near the lockers and dreaming of Kate Moss. Ahhh memories.

So you guys are super lucky, when I find a brand I love I want the world to know about them and try it out. The ladies at Williams and Murray want you to try it out too and for a limited time all my readers can order a bottle for 50% off with the gift code PRINTUP.

Happy joy joy to you!
Let me know what memories this magical scent gives you when you get your bottle via Instagram @thePrintupList

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